So pleased to meet you, tell me
How do you do?
You seem to be the real thing
from the look in your eyes
But looks can be deceiving
Often leave me lonely, grieving
I’d hate to get the short end
but the stick never fails

So I wait and I wait-
No compromise
When at last you have come
How will I know?
How will I know...

‘Cause all of my friends
Oh, they release me
No indecision, no “how should I be?”
And when the dust falls
In the dark days, all of my friends
They’ll never leave me

Will you trust in me
Will I be your friend?
Can I trust in you
Can I be your friend?

Once that part of me opens
I’m a child, and all that I want to do
Is trust with all of my mind
And all of my heart and soul
Receive you..