If you will consume my water
You will be my sister
We’ll nurture each other
Then I can
Steal that key away
From my mother’s pillow
Open up the cage in the castle court
Get my golden ball- and I’ll run away  
From all...all my pain

Now I’m sitting beside that pond
Exploring olden bonds
But my pain goes on and on
Can’t help but

Put my finger in and accept the danger
Let the trust wear thin and explore the anger
Now behind my back-  
I have run away from all...all my pain

I think I’ve gotten way ahead of myself
Yes, you have gotten way ahead of yourself
I think I’ve got to slow down and take a deep breath
Yes, you have got to slow down and take a deep breath

So now I’ve seen it all
I’ve taken falls
I’ve made my stand
And now I find

I have the iron hands that I needed-
To call myself a man and to show you
That now in front of all
I am undertanding all... all my pain