He was only born just a moment ago
Tethered by a yolk, to the fields he will go
Passing every day for the sake of the seed
He was unaware that his heart was in need

Oh, for the length of his life
Turning up the red earth, pushing through the rye
Lost for the reason he should carry on
Down the road he chose in this life

Underneath the waves and the watch of the moon
Tethered to a twin, from her birth she was two
Weaving through the reeds...
... from the trough to the crest
She was unaware of the wound in her chest

Oh, for the length of her life
Turning in the tempest, pushing through the tides
Lost for the reason she should carry on
Down the road she chose in this life

She lives in the water…
…but she wants to reach the shore
Caught in the whirlpool, like so many times before
I live on the land, but I want to learn to swim
We might help each other, but she won't let me in

Oh, for the length of our lives
Calling for each other, standing side by side
Lost for the reason we should carry on
Down the road we chose in this life