Halsf a mile from her house
It's the end of winter
And the yellow roses line the road
I approach the doorstep
With the best intentions
And the golden knob it turns around
Put a Lion and a witch inside a wardrobe
And sometimes they won't notice each other

I believe in lavender
I believe in grace

There's no reason for to be afraid
if I tiptoe doesn't mean it's a raid
Tell me secrets then I'll listen well
Tell me anything, in the end, I can tell
'Cause I believe in lavender
I believe in grace
What happened to my love?
What happened to your love?
Open up for a little while
And I promise you I'll give a mile
Help me up with a little might
From the thorny bed, late at night
...that I lay on
How will I know?
How on earth?